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Remote Assistance Service

T W Computers Remote Access Service.

This service provides support (max 2 hours per visit) on your laptop / pc to fix any faults, backup e-mail or documents or for a tune up to get the computer running faster.
The common things that can go wrong with a PC or Laptop and we can repair remotely are:-
MALWARE - this can, in worst case scenario, render your computer useless as it will either not boot properly or have malware programs running in the background slowing performance and not allowing you to use your PC normally.
VIRUSES - These can corrupt the boot sector and windows system files and can delete your files and folders. Trojan viruses will attempt to steal banking and credit card details.
REGISTRY PROBLEMS - The Windows registry is a very complicated area and must run correctly in order for windows to run smoothly.
MEMORY - Your laptop or PC initially would have had enough memory to run at a reasonable speed, but as programs and microsoft updates are installed, the computers memory will be affected and needs to be adjusted.
WINDOWS SYSTEM FILES - These are critical in the smooth running of any windows operating system
The above are the main problems that I encounter on a daily basis with computers and I have the software and knowledge to fix these issues remotely. Remote Support for PC Repair Cumbernauld and Glasgow.


Splashtop Code - 25JJZK7Y4W3W

How does our remote service work

1. You buy on the payment link below £40
2. You e-mail all the details of the problems with your pc or laptop and send a contactable phone number which we will use to speak to you directly if need be.
3. We will then setup a time to log onto your computer while you are there so that you can see us get to work on solving your problem
4. You then click on the Splashtop link below and that allows access to your system.
5. You must have a working internet connection or it wont work.
What are the risks?
None at all. We are a reputable computer company with individual support experience of over 16 years. Experts in all Microsoft operating systems and Cisco CCNA experienced.
The software used to remote control your computer itself is internationally renowned and has won numerous awards for security, ease of use and affordability. It uses 256bit encryption and more, so remote sessions are totally secure. Once the remote session has been concluded you can turn off the software or even remove it completely.
What if we can't fix the problem?
If we cannot fix your problem or offer you a solution to the problem, we will refund you in full.
What have you got to lose?