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Synology Server or Windows Server

Windows servers have more options over a NAS but this will require IT admin to maintain on a day to day basis.

NAS is simpler than a Windows Server but still gives most of the functions that a small office would need

To sum up a Server will offer more but will cost more


NAS will offer a good storage and sharing system with other basic applications but is much more affordable.

How T W Computers would set up your office using Synology Network Drive.

  1. All users data would be on the NAS not on the office computers hard drives (This makes it easy to add new computers / users  just need a new PC and connect to the NAS)
  2. Map the shared folder to the relevant user so Bob`s computer would have shared folder on NAS called Bob this gets mapped then every time his PC is switched on it automatically connects to the NAS drive of his shared folder.
  3. Bob can access his drive at home anytime as long as the Internet is on at the office (Ideal for salesmen on the road having access to their files)
  4. The NAS is backed up to the cloud so all the data is safe…

I have setup this arrangement for several offices (Glasgow Stone Specialists, RDA Riding for Disabled..)

And it has proved to be an effective way to run an office without the high cost of a Windows Server.

If you are interested in a NAS based network give us a call or email to discuss

Control Panel for Synology

Login remotely from any location

To access your files

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