Nas Server

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Nas File Server or Windows Server

Small offices are starting to go the NAS rather than server route which makes sense due (NAS can nearly do everything a server can do) to what a

NAS can do compared to the cost of a Windows Server plus cost of user licenses

I have setup several offices 5-10 PC`s with a NAS without any real issues and real cost savings….

Windows servers have more options over a NAS but this will require IT admin to maintain on a day to day basis2.

NAS is simpler than a Windows Server but still gives most of the functions that a small office would need.

File sharing with user permission.

Mail server.

Remote access.

Shared folder can be created for clients (servers cant do this).

Windows requires licenses per user.

Windows server complicated to setup

To sum up a Server will offer more but will cost more


NAS will offer a good storage and sharing system with other basic applications but is much more affordable.

If you are interested in a NAS based network give us a call or email to discuss

How the NAS would be setup for your office

1.The data from each users computer would be transfered to the NAS and their name would be the folder for this data so effectively on the NAS

you would have all users in the office assigned to folders on the NAS.

2.On each indivudual users PC they would access all their documents via a shortcut on their computer to the NAS – no data would be left on their PC.

3.This data can be accessed 24/7 as long as the office router is on 24/7 and you can access files and upload and download at anytime.

4.Your e-mail would still be on your PC as normal as would printers etc.

5.This also means if an office PC needs to be replaced or a new PC installed you wont have to worry spending hours transferring  data as it is all

on the NAS device, just add a shortcut to new PC and you have access to all your files.

6.The NAS has 2 x 1TB drives (5 year warranty on drives) set in raid so extra peace of mind for your data.

7.Ideally you would setup a backup to cloud for the NAS.