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As soon as you switch your computer on and it has an internet connection then you are at risk of viruses infecting it .

TWC have tried and tested all the antivirus packages and have found through trial what works the best - so once we set it up on your computer you dont have to worry about viruses.

We are the virus removal cumbernauld experts.


METROPOLITAN POLICE" Attention! Illegal activity was revealed! is a ransom ware-based malware that demands you to pay up in order to regain control of your computer - Dont pay it will not remove it and it will run in the background detecting passwords, credit card transactions etc….

What is malware - Any software that gathers user information through the user's Internet connection without his or her knowledge.

Normally disguised to look genuine indicating that your pc has all sorts of problems and pay x amount to sort the problems out - dont ever pay as their software runs in the background stealing your personal data, credit card numbers etc.

TWC - We use the best tried and tested malware removal software in the market and leave a copy on your pc for future use.