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Data Backup

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If you have a Windows server and you’re not backing it up, you are tempting fate. It’s only a matter of time before something tragic

will happen: a hardware failure, a hacker, or a corrupted Windows update. Something will bring that server down and do everything it

can to take your data with it. So don’t leave this to chance get a backup solution in place asap…

Give us a call today to arrange an engineer visit. Provided you’re within our coverage area we’ll generally be able to come out within one working day if not on the day of your call.So whether you need to troubleshoot an internet connection, or perhaps you’ve been infected with a virus or even something more specific give us a call. Most businesses do not do a daily computer backup not realising the importance of this task, Hard discs fail at some stage (15% during the warranty period) and laptops are easily dropped, lost or stolen so it makes good business sense to back up your computer data.If you don’t want to do it yourself, let us do it for you.TWcomputers can provide online data backup services. We can provide secure, simple and affordable business protection, your files backed up automatically and on a daily basis leaving you nothing to do or worry about.Our robust, proven and simple software paints a detailed picture of the key documents and other information to be backed up. After an initial pass, the system automatically tracks all changes and additions to these files ensuring multiple copies are kept for maximum security.Data is stored off-site in the cloud it is encrypted so only you can ever read the information stored. Protected from fire, flood, theft, internet attacks and viruses.When required any stored information can be recovered instantly.

Data Recovery

Get your data back or no fee…


Our services offered are simple:-1.You have a laptop or computer and you cant login, all your important data is on the hard drive. TWC have software to access the drive and recover your data and as long as the drive is detectable in the bios we should be able to recover your data. 2.Send your drive or SD card to us and we will attempt to recover your data..3.If your hard drive is not detected in the bios or has a clicking sound this would be sent to one of several trusted companies for a quote (although this will be expesnsive) we would discuss first…We aim to get your data back on new media as quickly as possible.We have over 20 years experience in the IT sector and specialising on data recovery.Typical examples of the things we repair are:-Your computer suddenly goes into repair type loop and you try running in safe mode or try a system restore point but cant log back in this usually is either system file corruption or a failing hard drive.If it is system file corruption we would try to repair this if not repairable we back all your data to an external hard drive then reinstall windows.If it is a failing hard drive we would again backup all data then run repairs on the bad sectors of the drive then clone from the old drive to a new drive You have important photographs on your SD card and acccidently delete the card we can recover most back.You have an external hard drive that stops working – we can try to get the data from that