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If you are reading this you are concerned about spam getting onto your network.

I have several clients that where conned by emails (phishing) out of money.

I have subsequently put in place several filters on their email client (Outlook) to ensure that 98% of spam never reaches them thus giving them peace of mind that they will not be getting emails looking genuine trying to deceive them of their money.

THE SYSTEM - I developed my system by trying all the spam filter software out there including cloud based. Then by trail and error on my existing email accounts I found the best way to stop spam.

  1. You need to use a good email client
  2. Best anti virus with plugins for your email client
  3. Setup the AV plugins to catch the spam and move to spam folders
  4. Use best in class cloud based spam filter software to give the ultimate protection.

With all of these in place you will not have to worry about spam anymore.

I need to have access to your email hosting to change the email servers mx records.

That's it, feel free to call or email to discuss.

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